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Immigrant Ship NUREMBERG

Our Bernhard ancestors came to America aborad the ship NUREMBERG that arrived at New Orleans 23 March 1861.

The NUREMBERG was built by William Perrine,Williamsburg, New York, in 1854, for Charles Sagory, and was launched before September 1854. She was registered at New York 12 September 1854. Dimensions: 1086 tons; 180 x 37.5 x 24 feet (length x beam x depth of hold). She was intended for the Havre-New Orleans emigrant trade; her name was meant to appeal to German immigrants. She sailed in the Havre-New Orleans trade until at least 1861. The U.S. Civil War and the danger of Confederate commerce raiders forced many sailing lines to curtail or cease operations and to sell unneeded vessels.

On 27 March 1863, the NUREMBERG was sold at Le Havre by her American owners to the Hamburg shipping firm of Joh. Ces. Goddefroy & Sohn, who on 4 April 1864 registered her at Hamburg under the name BEAUSITE.

History Masters of the Ship

1855-1856 L. Melman
1857-1861 Gustavus Schneidau
1863-1869 C. J. S. Bruhn
1870 F. C. A. Storm

Voyages:                       Arrived

Havre-New Orleans          17 Oct 1855
Havre-New Orleans          21 Apr 1855
Havre-New Orleans          5 Apr 1856
Havre-New Orleans          21 Apr 1857
Havre-New Orleans          7 Dec 1857
Havre-New Orleans          28 Aug 1858
Havre-New Orleans          5 Feb 1859
Havre-New Orleans          18 Apr 1860
Havre-New Orleans          29 Oct 1860
Havre-New Orleans          23 Mar 1861
Le Havre/Hamburg          1863
Hamburg-Moreton Bay     5 September 1863
Hamburg-Moreton Bay     22 October 1864
Hamburg-Moreton Bay     6 February 1865
Moreton Bay/Callao         23 May1864/65
Moreton Bay/intermediate ports/Antwerp                                      22 August 1866
New Orleans/intermediate ports/Callao/Chincha Islands, Peru         1867/68
England/intermediate ports/ ...                                                    1869/70

The BEAUSITE ex NUREMBERG was condemned and sold at Montevideo in 1870.

I have no record of a picture of this vessel as either the NUREMBERG or the
BEAUSITE, one may exist in Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte
( or the Deutsches Schiffahrtsmuseum
( in Bremerhaven

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  1. In prior searches, I ran across this link to an image of the Beausite, from the National Library of Australia.